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Decorate with Paper

Romantic Roses

These whimsical paper roses adhered around the base of a simple white shade soften a geometric lamp and add a touch of charm. Sketch a circular swirl on drawing-weight paper (available at crafts stores). Cut to create a paper coil. Roll the paper tightly starting at the outside end of the coil. Release the coil slightly and hot-glue the end to retain the flower shape.

Creative Curtains

Create confetti curtains for your windows from cut paper. Cut out squares from different weights of paper with a die-cut punch or scissors. Sew the squares together, spacing regularly, to make a string as long as your window frame; tie knots at the top of each square and at the bottom of each string to secure. Hang each on a tension rod from curtain clips. These curtains are a great way to decorate a boring window without blocking out natural light. Get creative and use different colors for your garland depending on your room's color scheme or the season.

Pretty Tissue Flowers

These delicate petals create an elegant centerpiece whether scattered down the center of a table or piled on a platter. To create, cut a flower shape or 3-inch circles from eight layers of tissue paper. Place in a stack. Next, poke a hole through the stack with a pin. Pull the paper off the tip of a twist tie and insert the exposed wire through the paper layers. Twist the wire to create the flower center. Make the flower bloom by gently pulling up one layer at a time.

Lovely Lampshade Details

Exotic Oriental papers transform the neutral furnishings and blue walls of this apartment from bland to beautiful. The first project: Add glam to an inexpensive lampshade by attaching a wide band of colorful paper with glue. Smaller bands of paper around the top and bottom edges give it a finished look. Keep clicking for helpful how-tos for all the paper projects you see here.

On Paper

For a high-impact, low-cost wall art solution, frame pretty paper in simple black frames. Add interest to the display by choosing different yet coordinating paper patterns and varying the size of the picture frames

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Love the creative curtains and would like to share them in my article. Please contact me soon! Thanks, Lisa Marie

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